I love to learn. My brain gets bored if I am not actively learning new stuff. I love reading blogs, articles, listening to podcasts, chatting to people, it all grows my mind and sparks joy for me. Another thing that I love so much about my work! (Sorry if I keep repeating this, but it’s true!!).

One new way of learning for me recently has been listening to podcasts, honesty how have I only recently discovered podcasts? The amount of knowledge sharing out there is phenomenal. When I have found a podcast that I have liked I tend to listen to more episodes and learn about things I didn’t even know I was interested in 😂😂. Even if I don’t use that new learning I usually bank it somewhere in the back of my brain and know I can access it someday when I need to. 

This really got me thinking about the process that happens in my EMDR group supervision sessions. I have up to 6 people, often from different services, working with different clients and at different levels of their training. I ask my supervisees to bring a question to each supervision session about a client that they are stuck with. This may not feel relevant to every person there in the group, at that moment in time, but I bet that at some point it will be.

I recently did a coaching course which was absolutely amazing. One thing Wendy, the course founder and leader did was record the sessions which we could then listen back to. I often used to listen back weeks or months later and be surprised by the useful content that I had completely missed. Maybe it didn’t feel relevant at the time, or my mind had got hold of another idea and was running with that. 

I am also a supervisee in a group and again we all work with different client groups. There are EMDR Trainers and Facilitators in my group and there is a depth of experience, knowledge and skills that is phenomenal.  Everyone tends to attend different types of training and grow their knowledge base through this. So what I am now finding myself doing is writing down the tips, the advice and the recommendations, not just for the client that I bring but for most things that are discussed. Because honestly, even if it is not relevant for me at that moment in time, I bet it will be relevant at some moment down the line!

So my experience has taught me that the learning in EMDR Supervision groups can be phenomenal. But it’s like everything, it is exactly what you make it. I would recommend finding a way to record the information that is not only relevant to your case but may come in use at a later date. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the EMDR supervision groups I offer please click on the link below.




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