It is often difficult to get momentum going and find enhanced supervision to work towards an agreed, clear goal such as Accredited Practitioner status.

Within this group you will be part of a community of EMDR therapists that want to achieve the same goals as you. The momentum of this group will help you to carry each other towards developing all the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to become accredited.

Primarily my aim with the group is to help you grow and develop as an EMDR therapist and gain all the compentencies you need to become accredited as EMDR Practitioners.

The Facebook group is a place to share useful resources so a quick search on a question you have such as working with complex trauma or an introduction to EMDR for example should lead you to helpful resources that I have recommended in the past.

It is a place where you may ask a brief generic question that can’t wait until your next supervision session.

I offer regular webinars on topics connected to Accreditation and these webinars will be available in this Facebook group for a period of time. This will add to your knowledge base.

Any workbooks that accompany the webinars will also be made available in this group.

This group is there for your benefit 

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