What are the benefits to being an EMDR Accredited Practitioner?

  • It will demonstrate to clients and employees that you have achieved high standards around knowledge, skills and experience in EMDR. People who come to you will know that you have expertise in the model.

  • You should get the recognition you deserve and it’s very likely that a client searching for a therapist will choose an Accredited Practitioner as opposed to a therapist without this status.

  • You can be listed on the EMDR Association UK website under ‘find a therapist’ and potential clients and referrers can find you. This could lead to an increase in referrals.

  • It shows that you have reached a certain level of experience, knowledge and expertise. It shows that you are competent in understanding the model of EMDR and in applying the 8 phases of the treatment within a 3 pronged approach. 

Accreditation in the UK is overseen by EMDR Europe. As an accredited EMDR Facilitator and Consultant I work together with you and  your application for Accreditation. You need to show me that you have developed specific competencies linked to the standard EMDR Protocol.

I can support you in your journey towards this goal.

I complete a report that has to be submitted with your application for accreditation providing the evidence that you have reached the expected level of competency in EMDR.

Through the supervision I offer, I aim to guide you and share with you the knowledge I have gained in the years of doing EMDR. I will share my experiences to help you grow and develop your EMDR practice.

There are a number of ways you can provide evidence of your competency to me, some of this will be through general discussions we have and I will need to see video evidence of  your EMDR work in practice.