You can become an amazing EMDR therapist. Providing top quality treatment packages to your clients

The EMDR supervision packages will improve your:


Consolidate your knowledge, develop a stronger understanding of the standard protocol and developing competencies for accreditation


Become more efficient and effective with your EMDR. Treat clients efficiently in the time available.


Gain momentum to enhance your practice through the support of a supervisor, a supervision group and a Facebook Community

No one starts out as an expert in therapy

From the moment you started your training in EMDR, you wanted to use this treatment to help your clients live a better life.

You may have been faced with blocks which meant you were unable to use your EMDR skills to the best of your ability, you may have felt you did not have expert supervision, that your clients were too complex to work with or you may have been too busy with other demands on your time to really focus on consolidating your EMDR skills.

I was in that same position 15 years as I started my journey in EMDR. I have walked the same path that you are on. My footsteps on that path were slow and tentative initially and it was a long, windy, overgrown road that I had to find my way through! Many lessons have been learnt along the way!

As an EMDR accredited Facilitator and Consultant and a Clinical Psychologist I can guide and support you on your EMDR journey

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I am Dr Hannah Bryan and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Accredited EMDR Facilitator and Consultant.  I am an experienced Psychologist with over 20 years working within the NHS and in Private Practice. I specialise in guiding clinicians to become accredited practitioners in EMDR therapy

I am hugely passionate about the power of EMDR and I love working with clinicians to help them develop their knowledge and skills in this model.  I love sharing  the journey of improvement and growth of clinicians through the use of supervision.

One of my main goals is to help clinicians become more knowledgeable and practiced in EMDR enabling them to provide a effective and efficient treatment to their clients 

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Follow The EMDR Supervisor - facebook page

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Read my weekly blog post

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Book a zoom call with me to chat further about what you are looking for


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