EMDR and Complex Cases -
the online course

Building your skills and confidence in treating clients with complex trauma memories – in your own time and pace with my online course.

Are you trained as an EMDR therapist?

Do you, or would you like to work with clients dealing with complex trauma?

Would you like to learn some additional tools, techniques and strategies to help you work with complex cases both confidently and effectively?

Do you prefer to learn in your own time?

If the answer is yes, this online course may be perfect for you.

Want to feel confident in treating complex cases?

Have you ever been tempted to pass on a complex case to a colleague, because you didn’t feel confident in treating them effectively?

Or perhaps you’ve experienced treatment obstacles while working with complexity, and worried that you’d dealt with them incorrectly?

I’ve definitely been there… 

And those concerns are certainly justified. Because complex cases (those with experiences of prolonged, repeated trauma such as early childhood abuse, neglect, or ongoing interpersonal violence) can lead to more severe and chronic symptoms compared to single-incident trauma.

And they can present various treatment challenges, such as high emotional dysregulationretraumatisation riskscomplex dissociation, and resistance to treatment.

So, how can we treat complex cases confidently?

If you’d like to be prepared to handle these challenging clinical situations with confidence and competence, then you’ll want to buy my short online course – EMDR and Complex Cases.

In your own time, you'll learn...

the considerations within each of the 8 phases of EMDR when working with a complex case.

the different techniques to use in our Phase 4 desensitisation work.

how the window of tolerance can help us contain the work with complex cases.

abreaction and its healing powers.

some of the fantastic work of Jim Knipe.

Why this course is vital if you work with complex trauma

Complex trauma (e.g. early childhood abuse) can lead to more severe and chronic symptoms than single-incident trauma, and potentially more challenges during treatment.

Undertaking extra training, such as studying my short course…

  1. provides you with specialised techniques and strategies to work effectively with your complex trauma clients

  2. helps you to prepare for potential treatment obstacles and challenging clinical situations

  3. ensures client safety and promotes stabilisation.

All this for just £49

The course includes a 1 hour 50 minute pre-recorded webinar and a 6 page handout where you can add your notes. 

With lifetime access to the course as soon you sign up, you can learn at your own pace and time, and revisit as often as you need.

Ready to learn some new tools and strategies for treating complex cases with confidence? Sign up now!


What do I bring to the course?

Hi, my name is Dr Hannah Bryan and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Approved EMDR Consultant Facilitator. I have used EMDR in my Clinical practice since 2006. I have been an EMDR Consultant since 2014 and an EMDR Facilitator since 2019.

I was slow to start my EMDR journey, I had a supervisor next door to support me and that was just amazing but I worked in NHS secondary care mental health services and often felt my clients were too complex to use EMDR with. I was looking for a single straightforward trauma that just never seems to be referred into services.

So I think I went a bit off piste and made life a bit harder for myself then it needed to be. When I found that I stuck to the standard 8 phase treatment protocol, I started to see massive improvements in my clients and in my confidence. So I completed refresher training and felt it re energised my EMDR practice.

I want to share with you some of the steps and the key learnings that helped me learn to become a better EMDR therapist and achieve some amazing results with my clients.

I am extremely passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge and skills in EMDR. I want you to improve your confidence and practice it more with your clients.

Not sure whether this course is for you? Please don’t hesitate to ask, simply hit ‘reply’ and drop me an email.

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