Getting unstuck: Working with blocked processing in EMDR

EMDR Webinar

  • Are you trained as an EMDR therapist?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you get stuck in your processing sessions?
  • Would you like to learn a variety of different things you can do when you get stuck?

If the answer is yes, this webinar may be perfect for you.

This webinar will

Help you identify when the EMDR processing is stuck.

Teach some simple techniques to initially use when you notice processing is stuck.

Develop a more complex understanding of blocked processing in EMDR.

Revisit areas of EMDR that could help move the processing on.

You will leave with a tool box of tips and tricks to help your clients process and work through their trauma memories.

This webinar is running live on Monday 20th November 

AT 13:30 for 90 minutes

A recording will be made available for those who can not attend live.

At a cost of just £49

Hi, my name is Dr Hannah Bryan and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Approved EMDR Consultant and Facilitator. I have used EMDR in my Clinical practice since 2006. I have been an EMDR Consultant since 2014 and an EMDR Facilitator since 2019. 

I have provided EMDR Supervision since 2014. I run supervision groups for the NHS and for clinicians in private practice and run 9 groups each month as well as providing individual supervision. This webinar draws on this experience of providing supervision and answering those questions that frequently get explored in my supervision sessions.

I am extremely passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge and skills in EMDR so that they improve their confidence and practice it more with their clients and more clients recover and heal from the traumas they have experienced.