EMDR Group Supervision

This is a monthly package.

It includes a 2 hour group supervision session ran on zoom and access to a private facebook group.

Each group has a maximum of 6 members and lasts for 2 hours.

Private facebook group

You will also get access to a private facebook group. This is a community of EMDR therapists who are also on the journey of growing and developing in their EMDR practice. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with likeminded people.

Within the group there are also many training sessions, all geared to help you embedd your knowledge in the 8 phases of the standard EMDR protocol.

These sessions will help you increase your understanding of EMDR. This will improve your confidence and lead to you practising EMDR more.

Within the group you will connect with other therapists who are wanting the same as you, to grow their skills and knowledge in EMDR.

To get the most out of Supervision you will need to prepare before attending the sessions. It is most helpful if you think before hand a key  question about the client you are working with, this helps myself as The Consultant Supervisor and the group generate answers to the question and help you leave with your question answered and a number of different things that you can try to help your clients.

Each group session counts towards your supervision hours for you Accreditation.

This package is offered to you at £105 per month.

What do I bring to the supervision?

Hi, my name is Dr Hannah Bryan and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Europe Approved EMDR Consultant and Facilitator. I have used EMDR in my Clinical practice since 2006. I have been an EMDR Consultant since 2014 and an EMDR Facilitator since 2019. 

I want to share with you some of the steps and the key learnings that helped me learn to become a better EMDR therapist and achieve some amazing results for my clients. 

I am extremely passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge and skills in EMDR so that they improve their confidence and practice it more with their clients and more clients recover and heal from the traumas they have experienced.

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