Again I find myself pausing my planned blog series. I will get back to it at some point I promise but with COVID19 overtaking everything at the moment, it is impossible to even go an hour without thinking about the virus.

I have had a funny old week, initially the week started with me thinking how to move face to face clients to online work. At the moment most people are in shock and finding it hard to make a decision about their therapy. For some, therapy is simply not a priority at the moment, managing the crisis with their family, with their work and having a plan of how to move forward has been at the forefront of my client’s thoughts. Like all of us, they are desperately finding a way to keep their lives moving forward.

Things will settle down and we will all adapt to the world we find ourselves living in, it’s just difficult when it’s enforced on you.

I then had 3 days of training cancelled, imagine that 3 days with nothing in the diary, that just never happens! I used the time to prepare webinars and continued developing a workbook I am working on. This was months down the line in my planning but while I had free time it was worth doing. In these times we have to adapt, make quick changes and be flexible. RESILIENCE AND FLEXIBILITY HAS CERTAINLY BEEN A THEME THIS WEEK.

In between being focused and engrossed in the work, I did have moments of stress, anxiety, worrying thoughts, thinking what if…. I’m only human!! I know I have tried to increase my self care time this week.

As EMDR therapists there is so much we can offer right now. Usually my main aim in therapy is to get to the Phase 4 desensitisation stage of treatment but for this week anyway I THINK A PRIORITY IS TO SUPPORT MY CLIENTS TO FEEL CONTAINED. Resourcing therefore is extra helpful, installing nurturing figures, protector figures, wisdom figures, the special/safe space exercise, light stream, building a container. There are so many things that will help us all in the situation we find ourselves in.

One of the key points for me this week is recognising that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. I have seen how therapists have been feeling the same and asking many of the same questions. I have seen kindness and compassion.I have seen many offers of help and many sharing of knowledge, apps, webinars that will all help people get through this crisis.

Keep going guys, keep doing what you are doing because I certainly do believe there will continue to be a massive need for trauma focused EMDR. 🦋


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