Wow here we are in the last week of June 2020, for me that marks 6 months of my blog. It was New Years Eve 2019, it had been a year that I had never experienced and this day was a good time to reflect. I can’t really recall whether I had planned to start writing a blog but this was the first intentional blog that I had written. I wasn’t sure how it would evolve but to my surprise I still find myself 6 months down the line still producing this weekly blog post.

I’m not even sure what my intentions were when I did start but a key thing for me has  always been to try and keep it simple and make it roughly a 2 minute read. But it takes a lot longer than that to write it!

The 6 months of this year have again been like my 2019 was, shocking, unprecedented, traumatic, different and at times just plain weird.  And yet we have all tried to carry on regardless and do our best. I do struggle between thinking that this is ok to carry on regardless and try and do our best to worrying that I am just burying my head in the sand and in deep denial! Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Over the 6 months I have been blogging I have wrote on quite a few different topics. I have enjoyed reflecting on mindset and how we all have blocks in our head that prevent us from moving forward with our work ( A good 6 weeks was taken up with thinking about finding our way through Covid-19 and moving all our in-person work online. ( I have reflected on the common questions that came into my supervision sessions. (

Sometimes it is difficult to think about topics that I want to write about and that you the reader will enjoy reading. It’s getting that balance right between not being too self indulgent and not being patronising. 

I often have an internal battle about not wanting to teach people things that they already know and end up leaving people feeling bored. I also sometimes worry about making people feel shame if they realise a mistake is being made. However, I am changing my view on that. Everytime I attend a new training teaching the standard EMDR skills I feel like I learn something new. I learn from the trainer, from the facilitators I work with and from the delegates that attend. I always feel I enhance my knowledge and skills in some way. So maybe I just need to push through my emotions and say it out loud anyway. 

I love it when you interact with the blog, you can comment on the post on the website or sometimes people email me with a little reflection. So please do get in touch, especially if there is something you would like to see a blog post about. 

I have also surprised myself by how much I have enjoyed writing, and how consistently I spell the same words wrong (thank goodness for spell checking). In university writing essays was a large part of my degree and my doctorate and it’s quite nice to connect back to skills I have learnt earlier on in my career.

So shall I continue for the 6 months ahead? Yes I think I will and I am interested in the things that you might want to hear more about. I may well have a break in August as I am now feeling a little more hopeful that holidays will happen. 🌞So please do let me know what you would like to be reading more about.


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