I have been on such a journey these last few months, out of which the supervision I am offering is evolving. In November 2019, I left my NHS post, a post that I had been in for 17 years. There are many things I want to write about this time but surprisingly I find myself still overwhelmed with emotion and disappointment, feeling let down by a system that seemed too big to care. So one day but not yet. I had always worked part time in my own business but now I am full time in the business.

I am still evolving, I am still growing, I am still exploring new ideas and as always a transition comes with lots of different emotions. I feel like it takes me a while to realise that there is little bureaucracy, I don’t have hoops to jump through, I can just do what works best for me and for the people I work with. This is such a different position to be in and I love it! But believe me 8 months on and I am still going through this transition. It doesn’t feel like I have quite become untamed (a reference to Glennon Doyles book of the same title, do have a read, I really enjoyed it!!) 

I have spent a lot of my time diving deep into my hopes, my dreams, my vision and really connecting with what I love doing. As you all know EMDR makes my heart sing, even through my most difficult experiences in my life the passion I have for the work and the enjoyment I get from supporting other therapists in their EMDR journeys has helped me get through.

I am really proud of what I have developed, yes I am an EMDR Consultant supervisor and yes I can supervise you towards your accreditation but when you work with me you get so much more than supervision!! Another thing that I have found I have a big passion for is providing training. It was in Feb 2020 that I put on a webinar on cognitive interweaves in EMDR. I provided this online, recorded it and made it available for those that had registered. I had some lovely feedback and those that attended that session were asking me if I was going to provide more.

Since then I have continued to provide webinars on key topics linked to accreditation to my supervisees, we’ve looked at case conceptualisation, we have recapped the 8 phases of the standard protocol. A supervisee recently sent me a message saying ‘You have such a skill of making complex information accessible. I am really calmed by you’ It was so lovely to get this message because for me this is exactly why I am doing what I do, to make things simple, to improve therapists understanding and quality of EMDR therapy which subsequently means clients have a better experience of therapy.

So at the moment as well as supervision, you get access to a back catalogue of recorded  webinars, an opportunity to attend a live webinar (usually 1 per month) as well as becoming a member of a community of like minded therapist that are moving somewhere in their EMDR work. As I go through this transition I am constantly exploring new ideas of how to better serve the clinicians I work with. This is exciting times for me.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in please do pop on a free 15 minute zoom call with me to find out more. (https://calendly.com/hannah-147/consultation?month=2020-06)


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