Prior to my training in EMDR I wasn’t really interested in working in a group and my client and supervision experience had largely been one to one. In 2006 my perspective on this completely changed. Myself and my husband became parents to our amazing daughter (we have since had a fantastic son too!). It was an absolutely wonderful experience but also a complete shock to my system. My wonderful health visitor, (perhaps noticing how exhausted and out of control I felt!) invited me to a post natal group with other first time Moms. Oh my goodness this group was amazing. I was most definitely experiencing a little of the baby blues and definitely feeling out of my depth and actually quite alone. Turned out everyone else felt similar we talked of feeling exhausted, vulnerable, out of control, in love with our babies but crazily confused about how to be the best Mom we could. Gosh, the advice I remember receiving from the group, what teething powder to use (ashton and parsons) what food to wean on (sweet potato) was invaluable. Honestly the group helped me have an amazing maternity leave. I got so much from it. As the children grew we would have sessions at soft play and as the oldest children are now teenagers we have Moms time out together without the children. We are planning a trip to Vegas as we all head towards our 50s!

There are so many advantages of working in groups:

  • The shared sense of commonality bonds the groups together, you know that you are not alone on your journey.
  • The learning is increased, not only do you bring your question to ask but you learn from other people’s questions. I often have people in my group saying ‘the question I came with today has already been answered by listening to a fellow group members case’.
  • The support element is invaluable, that experience of having a group of likeminded people who have your back, who are supporting you, who have a similar goal.
  • The hive mind is so wonderful, the amount of knowledge, skills and experience we have in the Zoom room is phenomenal!

I offer 2 types of Supervision groups.

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