As a tween, I would love this time of year. On holiday from school, me and my sisters would generally be stopping with our Grandparents in Yorkshire. We would love this time! I would generally have had a journal for Christmas and my dream was to keep journaling. I would often have had a selection of different coloured pens that I would use to write in my journal (I still love using different coloured pens!). I would feel so motivated and excited for the year ahead.

Generally for me though by the end of January, my journal was no more. I had lost the flow, the drive had gone despite my initial excitement and enthusiasm. I ask myself now 30 plus years later what consistently went wrong?

One reason was I was going it alone. I didn’t have a group of friends who were doing the same and there was no internet or facebook groups in those days that would have supported me in my goal. I now completely see the amazing value in working with a group of like minded individuals, with a similar goal, that are all on this journey with you. When I think how much I have achieved in 2019 with joining The Psychology Practice Accelerator course and meeting with peers with similar aims and ambitions, it has pushed me to exceed my expectations of myself. How amazing is that? 

I do believe that goal setting is important, one of the first things I ask my supervisees is what do you want to achieve from the supervision? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What are the steps that will get you to where you want to be? Once we have set the goals though we really need to have accountability. Personally I find this so motivating. Especially so when working with a group, you are accountable to yourself and to each group member and the group as a whole.

So, if only I had a group of like minded individuals, all working on similar specified goals, all offering support and encouragement I would have some great journals reflecting those tween years!! I now transfer this into my business and into the development of my supervision packages and hope that I support you in realising your potential and being your best.

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