For most of us we are still continuing to make adjustments as we deal with COVID-19. For me all of my work has moved to online, I’ve stopped going into my office. In my household, my husband is working from home, my children are no longer going to school but attempting to use google classrooms to continue with their education, my nephew is not attending university (and seemingly not doing much online stuff either well apart from NBA on the playstation!!). I have measured my success somewhat differently compared to my usual standards. For us simply surviving this week, getting fed and watered, getting some work done and not having too many major meltdowns is a major success!

This week, with my EMDR therapy sessions I have found new ways to do the bilateral stimulation online.  Tapping using a number of different ways has worked well, eye movements by following a YouTube clip or even just looking at each corner alternately on the laptop screen also worked well. MAYBE IT”S ABOUT BEING CREATIVE AND THINKING A BIT DIFFERENTLY, trying new things in these uncertain times and seeing what works. I always try to PUSH IT WHERE IT MOVES.

What has really struck me this week is that clients are focusing more on their treatment as normal, problems that were troubling them pre COVID-19. People are settling into this new world we find ourselves living in. People are adapting and making the changes they need to in order for their lives to keep moving forward. Something different is actually happening. There is so much fear and anxiety but honestly people’s ability to adapt is amazing me.

As we are all instructed to follow social distancing I am really conscious that this DOES NOT MEAN SOCIAL DISCONNECTION. We are all finding new and safe ways to connect. I have found as I sit in my makeshift office in my front room, as I sit there on my laptop looking through the screen at my client, I feel like I am very connected and it can almost feel like we are in the same room. When client’s have earphones, my voice goes straight into their ears and I hear them loud and clear, straight through my earphones! This feels different from the face to face work. 

I would definitely say that I have felt connected to my clients this week. The strange thing is that as I look at my screen (I don’t tend to look at the camera on the top of my screen), I look directly at my client. Even though it can’t be eye contact as I am not looking directly at the camera but it certainly feels like eye contact. 

WE ARE ALL SO FLEXIBLE IN THIS DIFFICULT TIMES. Keep moving forward, keep adapting, nothing will stay the same forever.


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