I used to always prefer working with individuals rather than groups. Originally this was in the therapy sessions. When I look back now I question why it took me so long to try different things. I think it was because it was the norm and what most people I knew did! Then as my confidence grew I started thinking outside the box, innovating and exploring different ways of working. I must say I love the variety now. 

I still love the intensity and the depth that you can go to with individual EMDR Supervision, I enjoy getting to know clients and supervisees on a deeper level. I also have more recently developed a real interest and passion in working in groups. Often in groups, something magical can happen and progress can be so rapid. I find that after running so many now, EMDR Supervision groups are really rewarding.

I began to notice in my individual supervision sessions that I was often repeating what I had said to a supervisee the day before, I noticed I would provide mini teaching sessions that would not only benefit the supervisee in front of me but also the majority of my other supervisees. What was happening in supervision sessions felt important to share with everyone I supervised. The content discussed in supervision would be so useful for most supervisees. The element of learning in the EMDR Supervision groups is enhanced, even if you as a supervisee have not yet experienced the situation being discussed it is likely that you will come across it in the future. 

The move towards providing group supervision sessions was not easy for me. I think  group work in many ways is more of a personal challenge. Maybe it’s just me but I often find that within groups we are standing forward, bearing our soul and our inner thoughts. The voice of the inner critic will be louder for me in group situations. Like I have spoken about before, I might notice myself thinking ‘this is the point when others will realise that I am a fake, a fraud, a person who knows nothing’ (sound familiar?) I will think ‘I can’t talk about that piece of work as I might have made a mistake and I will be overwhelmed with shame and everyone will think I am stupid’ (sound familiar?) 

I definitely don’t think my preference is individual supervision now but I would find it hard to choose. What would be your favourite Individual EMDR Supervision or Group EMDR Supervision? Follow me on facebook and let me know what you prefer.

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