On Saturday, I was lucky enough to have a day trip to London and managed to get some tickets for the theatre to see one of my favourite musicals Wicked. The story of Elphaba. The wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz. It completely changes your perspective of the character in the original film as you understand her ‘why’. What we may previously have seen as being her evil behaviour came from a different place and was actually at times life saving interventions and often an act of kindness.

It got me really thinking how new information can completely change our perspective and this  connects with the client stories as the journey of therapy starts. It emphasizes for me the importance of gathering as much detail as possible to understand why clients have entered into therapy. For me a clear understanding of why clients struggle and what experiences they have had through out their life is an important start. Within EMDR you can then use these experiences as targets to work on in the treatment.

Sitting watching the musical, I really connected to the power of the music and the performance. One song in particular ‘Defying gravity’ brought me to tears, seeing that performed on the stage and hearing the words of the lyrics and the power of the voice was just amazing. What really strikes me in the lyrics is the line. It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap. This is something that has really connected with me over the last year. This time last year the concept of The EMDR supervisor had not arisen clearly in my thoughts. What I did know was that I was just loving training to be a Facilitator on the EMDR trainings with Matt Wesson and Caroline Van Diest at EMDR Academy. I was really enjoying my EMDR Group supervisions too and feeling so inspired as I watched other therapists take the leap and integrate a new therapy into their work. I was seeing wonderful things happen when people, myself included did exactly what the lyrics suggested and took that leap.

My instinct was really telling me that this was something hugely exciting and it was really sparking the fire in me and I was feeling really passionate about my work, in particular about EMDR. This was during a difficult time personally for me as my sister was terminally ill with cancer.

I have to say, it took me a long time to actually make the leap and start my own business where I can grow and develop the work that really makes my heart sing! There were a fair few mini leaps in between too!  It’s just really got me thinking about how important purpose is for us and how important it is to find that something that we are really passionate and enthusiastic about. It’s scary to take these leaps but I always say we function at our best when we push ourselves out of that comfort zone.

I wonder what your leap will be?

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