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A Recap of the 8 Phase Standard EMDR Protocol Parts 1 & 2
In this two-part course, you will learn how to:
confidently apply all 8 phases of the standard protocol in EMDR
complete the Phase 3 assessment
review Phase 4 Desensitisation, incl. Bilateral Stimulation, unblocking strategies, return to target.
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Case Conceptualisation in EMDR
In this course you will learn:
what exactly case conceptualisation is
why it is important in understanding what has caused the client’s problems
what to cover in a client assessment & how to disseminate the information using Shapiro’s three-pronged approach
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Cognitive Interweaves in EMDR
In this course you will learn:
what Cognitive Interweaves are and what they aim to do
when you should and shouldn’t use Cognitive Interweaves
In depth look at Interweaves covering Responsibility, Safety, Self Defectiveness, Control/Choice, Imagination and others.
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Working with Current Anxieties and Phobias
In this course you will learn:
what current anxieties and phobias are
target selection and case conceptualisation
how to do a floatback
all about flashforwards
how to incorporate future templates
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